Keeping your workers on the frontlines safe.

An all-in-one dashboard granting critical insights into the health and wellbeing of your employees.

Project Fort Dashboard

Stay on top of your employees’ health and productivity needs with Project Fort.

Project Fort is an employee engagement and intelligence platform, granting you the vital information and peace of mind you need to stay productive in these unprecented times.

Employee monitoring

Regular health check-ins feeding powerful analytics tools

With our self-monitoring and reporting tools, employees can check in with their teams every day to keep track of their physical, mental, and social health needs.

Project Fort Employee Monitoring
Project Fort Employee Monitoring
Health dashboard

Monitor symptoms. Identify priority cases. Unlock powerful data-driven insights. All on one platform.

Our platform tracks metrics designed to complement the protocols and best practices of global health agencies on the frontlines of the current pandemic.

Information sharing

Keep your people in the loop with news and updates.

Push internal announcements and follow our curated newswire to empower your workforce with the information they need to thrive.

Project Fort Employee Monitoring

How does Project Fort Work?

Four steps to a healthy workforce.

Project Fort Join

Create your company account.

Project Fort Enlist

Onboard your employees to the platform.

Project Fort Track

Get real-time insights into the health and needs of your workforce.

Project Fort Empower

Share important announcements and receive news updates through our feed.

Seperated, but never alone.

Many companies have been caught ill-prepared to deal with the developing restrictions around COVID-19. Our platform aims to keep you connected with your workforce, whether at home or on the frontlines.


We’re with you in this fight against #COVID-19

Many of us were caught ill-prepared to deal with the developing restrictions around COVID-19. As we struggle to adapt to our new normal, our workers continue to toil on the frontlines to keep this nation afloat.

You care about your employees. Let’s help you keep them safe.